Firing Systems

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  • About Us - Firing Systems
  • About Us - Firing Systems

Hailed by the New York Times as "the Photoshop® of the fireworks world", FireOne is a system that is regarded internationally as the leader in pyrotechnic firing systems.

Within the FireOne system, we utilise the latest 2-Wire technology, and WirlessOne Technology, allowing us to fire over 3,000 individual fireworks instantaneously and simultaneously, regardless of their location and distance from the Control Centre.

The FireOne software we use allows us to not only program the display, but also conduct on-site diagnostic checks in advance of the event and ultimately dictate and control the actual firing of the display.

We are constantly updating our Firing System to utilise the latest technology, and currently we use the following hardware:

  • FireOne FireLite XL2 Control Panels
  • FireOne XL4 Control Panels
  • FireOne Master Module Control Panels
  • FireOne Time Machines
  • FireOne 2-Wire and Wireless Modules
  • FireOne Waterproof Rails, Compact Rails and Micro Rails
  • Panasonic Toughbook laptops
  • Hi-Gain long distance antenna's for full wireless control of displays


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