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Acknowledged as the State's pacesetter in pyrotechnics achievement over the past eighty years, Cardile Fireworks are WA's leading licensed fireworks company.

Managing Director Rob Cardile's Grandfather, Gaetano Cardile, emigrated from Italy to Western Australia in 1909, and brought with him a vast knowledge of pyrotechnical skills and artistry. It was knowledge he'd gained from his father, Carmelo Cardile, who founded the original Cardile Fireworks in 1890. 

The Cardile name was well entrenched in southern Europe when Gaetano decided to seek opportunity and recognition in far distant Australia. Arriving in Perth, he quickly opened a modest fireworks factory in Osborne Park, and so began what was to become Western Australia's most successful pyrotechnics company. 

It wasn't always smooth sailing for the fledgling firm. Shortly after arriving in Australia, Gaetano, like so many others at the time, found himself caught in the grip of the Great Depression. Despite the terrible hardships of that time, Gaetano never lost sight of his dream. Cardile Fireworks survived, and with a lot of hard work and dedication to the task, it prospered. 

Like his father and grandfather before him, Rob Cardile had from a very early age that same fascination with fireworks. By the time he was thirteen, Rob already was heavily involved in mixing chemicals and powders for the company's fireworks, learning all that he could from his father, Jim Cardile. 

Rob and his father Jim work endlessly all year round, striving to keep Cardile Fireworks the leader in its field. Today, Rob’s son Jimmy is also deeply involved, and he too learned the unique skills from his Father and Grandfather in the family's traditional way. 

So the four-generation Cardile dynasty - with its great wealth of experience and skills - will remain for a long time yet as the leader in its field.


Special thanks and mention goes to Alan Meehan, Phil Dartnell and SundaySunset.Images, who supply Cardile Fireworks with their photography. 


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